Westland Landscape Visits FX Luminaire in San Diego

Hunter FX Factory San Diego

Hunter FX Factory San Diego

With quality lighting components, your outdoor lighting system is a landscaping design element that both illuminates the exterior of your home and highlights its best features. At the same time, outdoor lighting provides an element of security for the home and – in certain respects – the neighborhood. There are many outdoor lighting components manufacturers that craft excellent lighting systems. Many of these companies have factories outside the USA.

The FX Luminaire company, a purveyor of well-crafted LED outdoor lighting systems, is located in sunny San Diego, California – and Westland Landscape had the pleasure of attending a two-day advanced lighting design class focusing on LED lighting. The instructors demonstrated a number of leading-edge LED (Light Emitting Diode) products from FX Luminaire.

It is clear that the FX Luminaire company (which is now owned by Hunter Irrigation) is a leader in LED lighting technology for outdoor use. At the end of the two days, we were also treated to a tour of the onsite Hunter Irrigation factory and shown how a number of their products are manufactured. It should be mentioned here that the quality control put into the Hunter Irrigation products is well above the levels of many companies in the industry.

Our trip to San Diego was precipitated by a desire to see exactly how FX Luminaire products are made and to understand how their LED technology was changing the outdoor lighting market. It’s clear to us that LED lighting provides not only an energy savings over traditional outdoor lighting product usage, but it also comes with a much-reduced maintenance cost over time. In addition, many of our customers will be interested to note that outdoor LED lighting is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions through all four seasons here in the Midwest. In the end, everyone from Westland Landscape who attended came away profoundly impressed with the company, their people and the quality control systems used in their manufacturing processes.

Westland Landscape is proud to offer FX Luminaire products. Unlike so many plastic and metal kit lighting systems, the FX product line consists of architectural-grade components that have been engineered with highest-quality non-ferrous materials. What this means to Westland Landscape customers is that FX Luminaire products are reliable and corrosion-resistant (so reliable in fact, that FX Luminaire offers a 10-year Warranty on their lighting products).

FX Luminaire and Hunter Irrigation are two experts in their respective markets – who just happen to be part of the same great company. From what Westland Landscape can tell, their factory and their staff lead the industry in experience and enthusiasm. The lighting systems we saw in San Diego have already been ordered and should be available for customer demo next week (first week of April). We are excited to show our customers what LED lighting can do for the exterior of their home!


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