Hardscapes and Outdoor Kitchens from Belgard

With summer just around the corner and fall just a handful of months away, it’s time to scope out that back patio or outdoor living project you’ve been dreaming about. Just imagine all the fun the family will enjoy around a newly-landscaped back patio area. Start with a broad expanse of concrete interlocking pavers, and add a curved retaining wall that encircles you with elegant stacked stone, and cap it off with a custom outdoor kitchen or fireplace to create an enjoyable outdoor living and dining area that’s sure to please every member of the family and make a few neighbors envious.

If you think your home would benefit from a cozy outdoor patio and a fire pit, it’s easy to get started. Thinking about taking leisure to the next level with an expansive patio or terrace that includes water features and a roaring outdoor fireplace concept? It’s all part of the possibilities.

In the landscaping industry, we often refer to brick patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and artificial water features as hardscapes. At most modern residences, the outdoors area of the home is the last to be tamed. When it comes to designing that perfect hardscape concept for your back yard or patio, it’s always best to start with a manufacturer who knows how to create the outdoor ambience that speaks to your lifestyle.

What makes a great outdoor hardscape?
You’ll want to start your design and development search with a materials manufacturer that offers pavers and components that exude performance, durability, longevity, and little-to-no maintenance. The experts at Westland Landscape speak to homeowners about their patio and walkway projects every day, and they’re quick to recommend an Atlanta, Georgia company called Belgard.

No one in the industry is doing hardscape components with as much attention to detail as the folks at Belgard. At Westland Landscape, we’ve spent countless hours looking at components for patios, outdoor kitchens, pool areas, sidewalks and driveways and we’re confident that Belgard has set the industry standard for residential hardscape materials. Their broad collection of quality pavers and retaining walls are not only colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install – but they are also some of the best-engineered pavers in the industry. Belgard pavers offer long-term performance – up to 30 years – with an outstanding ability to stand up to the harsh freezing and thaw cycles we have here in the Midwest region.

It’s true – some hardscape materials manufacturers have a certain something, an exceptional quality that is uniquely their own. If you spend any time looking at finely-crafted patios, outdoor kitchens, and exterior landscapes in the Homes and Gardens magazines, you’re sure to see Belgard products. Not only are Belgard products durable and dependable, but they also present unlimited possibilities in design concepts.

Whether your style is tranquil and relaxing or energized and dynamic, the design staff at Westland Landscape can assist you with whatever creation you can envision. While we’re at it, don’t forget to ask us about fire pits, and water features!


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