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The Lawn Care Services Your Absolutely Need

Posted on March 6th, 2014


Of course, Westland Landscape  recommends you to sign up for a complete lawn care program that can deliver season-long nutrition for your lawn. However, if you need to cut your lawn care budget by removing some services, make sure that these are not the one’s you get rid of:

  • Crabgrass Preventer – One of the hardest weeds to get rid of in Cleveland and Columbus is crabgrass. This awful weed is present in our soil and germinates when the soil temperatures are right. Typically, crabgrass does not germinate before May, often right before the month of June. It’s important that you prevent crabgrass with a pre-emergent fertilizer treatment in mid to late April. This will give your lawn season long protection from crabgrass.
  • Grub Control/Preventer – Grubs in your lawn are not a guarantee, however it is not worth the 50/50 gamble. If your lawn does get grubs, they spread quickly, and ruin your lawn before you even know it. Grub damage, unlike other lawn disease, is irreversible, and new grass must be planted. So think twice before skipping this application.
  • Early Summer Fertilizer – It’s important that when reviewing your lawn care service options you keep an early summer fertilizer in your plans. This application is important to restore lost nutrients in your turf’s soil and prepare it for a stressful summer.
  • Late Fall Fertilizer – Easily the most dropped application is also one of the most important. Late fall fertilizing prepares your lawn for winter by allowing the turf plant to build carbohydrates in the blade, protecting it from all that snow and cold it’s about to face. Slow release blends also allow for a quicker “green-up” in the following spring, making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood in April.

3 Ways to Get the Best Lawn Service Prices

  1. Pre-Measure Your Lawn – One of the oldest tricks in the lawn care company book is to overcharge customers for fertilizer by estimating their lawns at a larger measurement. Thanks to Google Earth and other programs, you now can use your computer to measure your property getting an exact measurement before calling the lawn care company.
  2. Take Advantage of Prepay Discounts – Most lawn care companies offer some sort of a pre-pay discount when paying for the season up front. This allows you to enjoy a savings off your total price that for some companies is significant.
  3. Customer Referrals – In today’s golden age of advertising, companies still rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing to help get the word out about their services. This is why most offer  a referral discount to help encourage you to speak up about them.

Can You Mulch Too Much?

Posted on September 12th, 2011


Too Much MulchAs beneficial as mulch is, too much can be harmful. Unfortunately, we see many landscaping efforts falling victim to overmulching. By now we have all see those “mulch volcanoes.” Mulch that has been piled up around the base of trees. Deep mulch can be effective in suppressing weeds and reducing maintenance, but it often causes additional problems.

Most organic mulches must be replenished, but the rate of decomposition varies. Some mulches, such as cypress mulch, remain for many years.  Top dressing with new mulch annually (often for the sake of refreshing the color) creates a buildup to depths that can be unhealthy.