Best Plantings for Mid-spring

Japanese Yew

Japanese Yew

It’s nearly May (mid-spring), and with warmer-than-normal weather moving through our Zone (Eastern Colorado, all across Kansas and Missouri), a number of our outdoor landscaping clients have been asking us about the types of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees that can be planted at this time of year. So, before the heat of the summer hits us, we thought this would make for a great article to accompany the other articles at the Westland Landscape blog.

This is a great time to plant around your Kansas City garden. But first, let’s address the issue of the weather. Sure, it seems like the summer months are coming on fast, but we’re only about two weeks ahead of schedule as far as outdoor and ground temperatures are concerned. And even though we could use a little more rain in the Greater Kansas City area, the choices are almost wide open as far as garden and lawn plantings are concerned.

Mid-spring is the second-best time of the year for outdoor planting of all sorts (the first being September). Yes, flowers, shrubs, and trees are in-stock and ready for the ground, so get out a handful of colored pencils and some paper and begin drawing up plans for that new garden or colorful landscaping job you’ve been dreaming about all winter long. There’s not much you can’t plant in the ground at this time. Here at Westland Landscape, as well as the other fine garden stores, we’re only holding on to a small percentage of our stock until the ground warms up a bit more (less-hardy ornamental grasses, crepe myrtle shrubs, Rose of Sharon, and some tropicals just aren’t ready), but you can go to the ground with nearly everything else on the menu.

Our landscape designers have been keeping an eye on trends. The best mid-spring plantings this year include Lilac, Spirea and Barberry shrubs; Hosta, Astilbe and Liriope; Japanese Yews; Shrub Roses; and perennial flowers that include Firewitch Dianthus, Coneflower Asteraceae, and Black-Eyed Susans. And if you’re looking to add an ornamental or flowering tree to your yard, the best time to plant is right now. Kansas City is big on Weeping Cherry Trees, Eastern
Redbuds, Magnolia, White Flowering Crabapple, Dogwood, White Pear, Smokebush and Serviceberry.

Spring is here in Kansas City, but it won’t last long. If the summer does come on any faster or stronger than expected, your new plantings will require no more than a bit of extra watering, so don’t fret over the weather.

So far, the 2012 outdoor planting and growing season looks great. It’s a fine time to get outside and do some landscaping work around the house. Due to the mild winter, we might see an uptick in nuisance bugs – but as soon as the beneficial bugs come out, their numbers will begin to drop off dramatically. While we’re on the subject, it also looks like the best time to spray your trees for bagworms will be between May 15th and June 1st this year.

Having a plan for your landscaping design is a crucial aspect of end-result success. Here at Westland Landscape, we have landscape designers on staff, ready to assist you with whatever creation you can envision. While we’re at it, don’t forget to ask us about paver patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, and water features!


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